Wow, Already A Month!??!?! And More Random Thoughts

Holey moley, it seems like time is spinning out of control for me.  It’s already been more than a month since my last post.  ARG!

WTB more time, that does not slip through my hands like water!

Anyway, its been a good month.  I have gotten into heroics and raids.  Haven’t tried a single attempt at the new ZG raid.  And I am still not a permanent member of a raid group, but rather a fill in.  And for now, I am ok with that.  I have, however, been there with my guild for the first downs of the raid bosses we have defeated, so im good.

But I cannot, for the life of me, seem to find the time to do 7 heroics each week.  So lacking in the VP department.

I’ve ventured into arena, and pretty much had my rear handed to me.  That was to be expected tho, I am still only in crafted gear.

It does seem to me that heroics…  heroics are a bit punishing, maybe a little bit too punishing.  I dont know, I did just one heroic in BC, and of course, a ton of heroics in wrath.  I know blizz is trying to make heroics more ‘heroic’, but it seems like there should be some middle ground there.  Coming from an era where blizz’s sole goal was to make the entire game more accessable, then just locking everything down so tight, it seems counter intuative.  I can tell you that *I* personally know 5 people who cancelled their accounts because, and I will use their words exactly, “I’m tired of telling my friends, sorry, I am not good enough, or sorry, you are not good enough, to play with me.”  That is just bad juju.

I got linked by wowinsider!  Woo hoo!

Dammed chaos orbs hate me…   They just LEAP into other people’s hands.

I leveled my priest and shammy, with my DK coming close behind.  I like healing on both.  But it just seems like priests are still not fixed.  I have every piece of gear so heavily laden with spirit, AND spirit pots, and it just seems like I have to use every single trick in my book to have *just* enough mana to end the encounter.  My shammy, she has mana for days.  Something smells broken, out of whack, to me.

I currently have more money than I have ever had in the history of wow.  AND stock for days.  I have diversified quite nicely, tho I still cannot seem to get a foothold in the glyph market.  That is rather frustrating.  Glyphers are more cutthroat than JCers, if thats possible!

L2Ret 4.1 edition coming, I promise.  I havent forgotten about you, mr. blog!

One Response to “Wow, Already A Month!??!?! And More Random Thoughts”
  1. Klepsacovic says:

    “It’s already been more than a month since my last post.” That’s how I feel, except I start worrying about how it’s been literally hours, HOURS since I wrote anything or even thought of anything to write. Then I freak out. I might have a problem.

    Of course glyphers are more cutthroat the JCs. JCs are good, honest, decent people, whereas glyphs are only made by terrible people. This is based on extensive study of anecdotal evidence.

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