So Long, Thanks For The Drinks!

I had many things I wanted to say on the last post of my blog.  And suddenly, sitting here at the keyboard, actually writing this post out, none seem appropriate.

Perhaps this isnt the end.  Perhaps it is the end for the forseeable future.

In any event, I am no longer going to be actively posting on this blog (as if that wasnt painfully obvious).

There are many reasons for it, but the most important one is simply time.  A person really close to me re-introduced me to my love of table top RPG’s (during a games convention), and I have picked it up and started running with it.

WoW is, for the most part, losing influence in my life.  Heck, over the last week, I have spent less than 5 hours on the game.  Raid time only, basically.  Part of it is my new found vigor in my second hobby.  I have also found several games that I want to play, other than wow.

A lot of it, though, is that…  I guess I am saying cataclysm sucked for me.  For me, it feels all too insubstantial.  Where is cataclysm?  BC, and WOTLK both had whole continents to them, and cata has 5 zones.  It feels like cata really didnt happen.  I am (or was) playing my little warrior through all the new zones, but even that didnt really seem like “cataclysm”.  A LOT of it also has to do with the story.  For me, a good story is what makes the game.  Sure, there are pokemon and games of its ilk, where its just really a time waster.  And those are ok.  To an extent.  But, for a big blockbuster game, cataclysm just doesnt seem to hold my attention.  I was with arthas as he rose to power back in WC3, and I was there when I ran my blade through his heart.  Though deathwing is a pretty darned big threat (who isnt, that can tear the world apart?), to me he feels like generic dragon #129587.  He doesnt have a storied history like arthas.  Note to Blizz – a prime target for “posession” is Tirion Fordring.  I would love to see an expac with him getting posessed and ripping through the faction leaders, Bonus points if its crazy ass sylvanus that did it.

I have not cancelled my subscritpion.  And I likely wont, for a long while at least.  But in the times of 1-1.5 hour heroics, endless grinding to get gear, and raids that are….   demanding.   I don’t see myself becoming as hardcore as I was in LK.

I will be putting up a blog for campaign notes for my current RP campaign.  when it is created, and has a few posts fleshed out, ill post the link here.

Till the next time, swing those hammers hard fellow paladins.

One Response to “So Long, Thanks For The Drinks!”
  1. Mister K says:

    Cataclysm has seemed to sap the life out of so many bloggers. I feel like I am basically in a holding pattern until ToR comes out. Good luck with your current endeavors, as long as you’re having fun thats all that matters 🙂

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