The Death Of Diablo, Or Why I Resubbed to WoW (And Other Thoughts)

Well, it has been one hell of a long time since I have written anything here, hasn’t it?

I haven’t even been writing on my other blog (which will be changing as soon as I finish up this post).

There are many many reasons for that, none of which I will bore you with.

I will, however, regale you with the story of why I resubbed to WoW, when I thought… I hoped…  that Diablo 3 would take its place.

Are you ready?  Its really a long winded reason…

Alright.  Here it is:

It took me just 45 minutes to clear all of Act4 on my witch doctor (aptly named oogabooga).

Ok, that was a short and oversimplified statement, but when you boil my reasoning down, that is what it rests on.  Simply put – Diablo 3 does not have the exploration aspect of its gameplay, nor the overbearing and fantastic storytelling of its predecessors.  It isn’t nearly random enough.  And when compared to WoW, a game I have enjoyed over the last… 4 years?…  It simply does not have an engaging endgame.  While I can do one of a million things in WoW, the end game for Diablo 3 is ONLY the item hunt.  That’s it.

So after sitting down for a minute and thinking about where I was with my gameplaying and such, I decided that I will return to wow after an almost 6 month break.  So I went and bought pandaria that day, and logged back in.

It was so refreshing to relog and see all of my toons.  What wasnt so refreshing was blizz resetting all of my addons >.<

Does this mean I am back to blogging?  Meh.  When I get the penchant for it, or I have a big enough rant I will write about it.  I will, as promised, post and updated L2Ret FAQ.  But guess what – I am just as lost as you right now.  I am reading, practicing, learning.  I am hesitant to post one anyway, until I hit 90.  What I can say is this – it seems I have really high (out competing higher geared characters) single target.  But my trash dps is just trash.  Lowest by a large margin.  I need to figure out why that is before I can begin to fix it.

Also, our rotation feels….  clunky.  And very very…  not enough buttons to press.  I miss holy wrath and consecration.

On the AH side of things…  I ended the game with an entire bank tab (and then some) of uncut gems and 650k of gold in the bank.  I had another half tab of glyph ink that I never cashed in.  I gave it away about a month ago.  Before I quit, those mats would have taken me to gold cap at least.  But they were just sitting in the bank, and I had no motivation to resub to mobile ah just to liquidate them (this was before it went free).  So I just let a friend have them in the hopes that he would at least make some cash off of it, and it cleared out my inventory to make room for pandaria (because even at that point I was strongly considering going back to wow).  As of right now, I have a tab that is my “junk tab” – a collection of motes and things past that I sell off as I get them, and also to have a small stockpile so that I can raise up baby crafters.  I also have an entire tab of netherweave cloth bolts.  Netherweave bags always sell really well at the beginning and through most of the start of the expansion.

What I don’t have – Inscription ink.  When blizz changed the glyphs, they made some not discovered.  I need to go through and discover the new glyphs again.

And my thoughts on Pandaria money making?


Crafters who hate farming (me) and have two crafting professions (me) are going to be hit with a hammer.  Because of motes being BoP.  They do drop from mobs, but at a lower rate.  I have seen everything from 1 or 2 motes every 5 or so mobs, to just getting 5 total SoH (that’s 50 motes) from 85-90.  I hope, for our sake, it is the former.  Otherwise it is going to be essential, nigh required, to have a gathering profession on each toon just for the extra motes.

JC – JC is a bit of a mixed bag.  Let me list the positive things before the negs.  Positive – JC now no longer uses a daily token system for recps.  We are on a discovery system like alchemists or inscriptionists.  Our special JC only gems will come from shards we get while prospecting.  We got some expensive (but cool) mounts.  Our hybrid gems got buffed significantly, and we should see a more of a balance on sales.  It will devalue our red gems a slight bit.  But it should value at least our orange and purps by a bit too.

And the bad – The shuffle is going to depend largely on the price of mats… as it always has.  It now requires three gems and a setting to make one ring.  I’m not sure how this will play out in the long term, and will force us to really think about profitability.  It’s a squeeze basically.  It takes three gems of a color to research a new cut of that color.  It isnt a total waste, we will get two randomly cut gems back.  But it is a lot of mats just to research new cuts.  I would like to see it require green gems, rather than blue gems.  There are no “frozen orb” type spells to convert green gems to blue gems.  We can override the daily research with three SoH to give us a random cut of any color.  This is why SoH are so precious to us, and why it might be worth it to crab a gathering profession.  It really depends on drop rates.  For sure, I will be sinking all of my SoH into this for a long while until I get most cuts.  My BS will just lay by the wayside.

Blacksmithing got the nerfbat right to the head.

Rods got taken away, so that no longer makes money.   In addition belt buckles use an xmute mat that is on a 1D cooldown.

BS is going to be hard pressed to find a reliable way to make money, which is another reason I am considering very strongly dropping it from Fire.

I guess that is it for the moment.  The moment Mists launches I will be grinding out JC mats.  That will be it and all for the first week.  Then we will go from there.

Catch ya all around in game.

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