Feeling Out Of Place

It is a strange feeling to be back in WoW.  A good feeling, but strange.  But I cannot help but feel out of place.

I expected some of that, for a couple of reasons.  First, you cannot go six months without the game changing.  Secondly, cross realm zones mean a whole hell of a lot of people I dont know.  Finally, the AH game is just not what it used to be.

I first noticed this feeling of disconnect when I logged on to the game, and was still smack dab in the middle of Stormwind.  So many people were around me.  And you know what?  No trade chat spam.  Trade chat was almost completely dead.  Compared to six months ago, I had to turn trade chat off because it was so horrendous.  A cesspool of people who didnt even know basic tact.

I started looking around, and browsing the forums.  All the old names were gone.  The top three (maybe even four?) guilds transferred out.  The age demographic has surely changed from one of being adolescent 20’s to teens.  At best.  The server is now a much colder place than it once was.  And I find little solace in my own guild.

At the end of Lich King, my guild started a slow death rasp.  We defeated the Lich King, which many, including me, had saw as the pinnacle of the game.  Cataclysm rolled around, and content was a little more difficult.  For a casual guild like mine, it meant that there was a wedge being driven in the player base.  There were the top gamers who could do a heroic in greens, and then there was everyone else.

Raiding never got off the ground.  We went into BoT, and for three months struggled heartily at the first three bosses.  We got a few good attempts at cho’gall before the team just sort of fell apart and stopped coming to the raids.  Several attempts to revive it fell flat on its face.  In addition to that, the leadership (myself included) started spending less and less time in game.

The end result is that when I logged in to WoW a few weeks before Pandaria, A guild of more than 600 toons (many of them alts, to be fair), pruned itself down to less than 400.  What used to be a vibrant and lively social guild, with on average, 10 people on a night, has downed itself to at most 5 people on at a time.  Some of them new recruits.

The AH game is brutal right now.  I suspect that is, in part, because the AH game is now so accessable that more and more people are in it.  Part of it is that JC went through major changes – the side effect of requiring 3 rare gems for research every day, as well as keeping the mid grade ore quite rare (kyparite is the new elementium, and is not found nearly as often as ghost iron) is that there are tidal waves of uncommon gems hitting the market.  Right now G.I. Ore is running about 145 a stack, on average.  Raw uncommons are going for 9g or so each.  Raw rares are going for 100 ish.  So if I sold just raw gems I *might* break even.  Cut rares are less than 1G each, exceptions being the red ones and they are 4-5.  Perfects are only going for 25g each, exceptions of course being the reds.  They can pull about 300.  Cut uncommons are running about 80g.  Of course, reds more expensive.

Will JC ever be profitable this expansion?  Here is my prediction – Yes, but…

The first idea to make it profitable is to have an XMUTE spec alchy that XMUTES the green gems over to blue gems.  This will only work if two conditions are met – first the XMUTE has no cooldown.  Secondly, Golden lotuses have to be relatively cheap.  Sadly, I dont think they ever will be.

The second is simply patch cycle (i.e. time).  People are going to realize that JC is not so profitable, and stick it out for a bit while they get their research done.  That means that they will try each patch to make a comeback.  Once they realize there are a lot of people trying to do that, they will finally start dropping out.  Also, farmers will start kicking in more relaibly, driving the price of ore down.  That will only help if people have exited the market.

So where do I go from here?


I let the JC market cool.  All those pent up gems really do not have a place to go right now.  My server is a slow leveling casual server.  It wont be for a few more weeks even as much as a month before there is even a decent market for gems.  In addition, ore should start coming down in price.  I may be able to muscle my way in to the market after that happens. In the meantime, I will continue researching my cuts.  As a side effect, that is going to mean I am going to have to keep buying lots of rediculous ore.  I will keep my eye on kypartie, but I dont expect it to budge much anytime soon.

In the meantime, I am going to lvl my tailor and alchy.  Alchy is rediculous, requiring you to produce a million and one items for research purposes.  It seems only the rejuv potions and health pots research.  I will try and look that up a bit later.  It would be nice if that were different :(.  I dont even know how to research the transmutes.

Inscription might be profitable again, but I am hesitant.  I played the inscription game back in the day, and so many glyphs are just a pain in the ass to manage.

But really what am I going to do?  Level and enjoy the game.

I havent even dinged a single toon to 86 yet.  I have enjoyed the quests so far, so I cannot wait.  The problem is I am just kinda burned out on fire, and I feel a sense of loyalty to him.  I need a change of pace, and want to level either my shammy or my priest first.  Or hell, even my monk.  Or one of my other million toons.  I just really dont like the pally rotation right now.  It is so clunky and…   I guess I miss having more than 4 buttons to push.  Its a damn crying shame and I hope that as I lvl him up he becomes more interesting.  Otherwise it is heal spec or tank he goes.  I just get mind numbingly bored on him.

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