L2Ret – The Cataclysmically Large Ret FAQ for 4.1

In cataclysm, blizz’s sole goal with ret was to make it a much more complex play style. And by and large, they succeeded. Gone are the times where you can faceroll your way to competitive, chart topping dps. What takes its place is a true rotation, with the flavor of the old rotation, a kind … Continue reading

Is Your Tanking Team A Partnership?

I’ve mentioned before that my sister is one of our main tanks in the guild.  She wasn’t always a tank, rather her main toon is a hunter that she desperately misses.  But, simply put, her tanking skills are second to none.  She tanks most often in our raids with another of our main tanks, Mawl. … Continue reading

Cataclysm Raid & Emblem Changes, WOOT!

Alright so, good news is that Cataclysm releases have spun up into high gear over the last few days. Lets examine them a little bit. First off, let’s take a look at the Emblem changes.  Down and dirty: emblems changed to “points” 4 types of emblems – 2 for pve, 2 for pvp each emblem … Continue reading

Building A Better Raid – Decisions

Internets, last weekend was a not so good time for me. Unfortunately, there is a specific subset of guildies that have been feeling upset for a while. And apparently, last weekend was when they had felt they wanted to voice it once and for all. Which is fine. The part I a so upset over … Continue reading

Recycled Post Day – Why The Hybrid DPS Tax Isn’t Working

Zelmaru gave me a completely good excuse to skive off writing a totally new post today.  Today being Earth Day, and all, Zelmaru decided that it was a good idea to recycle blog posts.  And so I am. The particular one I am recycling is not because I think that it hasnt gotten traffic.  It … Continue reading

Why Would Selling A Mount Be Bad?

So by now everyone has seen (or at least heard about) the new celestial steed that Blizz has been bloody brilliant at selling. For the record I got one too.  They are very nice mounts. And as usual, I was perusing wow.com yesterday after work and I came upon a poll that actually shocked me. … Continue reading

The Day of the Whiny Post

Klepsacovic declared it national whiny post day today.  And far be it from me to go against the grain. Larisa touched on the loneliness aspect of gameplay today, and Spinks wrote about progression raiding, and the likeness to work. By sheer coincidence I am going to whine about both. I mentioned in a recent post … Continue reading

L2Ret – The Cold Hard Truth About Diminishing Returns

Wait…  What? I thought diminishing returns was something only tanks had to deal with? Well, yes and no. As a game mechanic, yes, tanks are the famous ones, but they are not the only ones.  Ever heard of a haste “soft cap”?  That is a diminished return as well, if you use haste past the … Continue reading

The Epic Pally Finally Got Something….

Everyone who has been around the blog-o-sphere lately, I am sure has noticed the predominance of FailPug stories.  Not only because of the new LFG finder, but because it is a shared topic on “Blog Azeroth.” Everyone enjoys a FailPug story as the next person, but rather than posting another rant, I’d post a fun … Continue reading