Sindragosa’s Fall, And 4.0 Class Impressions

As of late, I have been busy outside of all things WoW, reading Blink!, by Malcolm Gladwell.  Why do I bring this up?  Well a few reasons.  First of all, it is a REALLY good book.  It is about the power of snap judgements, and how you can learn to trust them, or distrust them. … Continue reading

On Busy Times, Missing The Topic, And The State Of The Blog

The State Of The Blog I have always said that I will post on my own schedule, and not someone’s expectations.  This blog is my area to write and have fun, not a second job. And yet, I still feel the pull.  I havent written a post in two weeks?  Ugh, my poor little neglected … Continue reading

AHHH! Real Monsters…..

Ok, I admit.  Thats a silly title.  Normally I try and title my posts something clever, but since today’s topics are scattered and random, I am going to make the title just as scattered and random as the subject material 🙂 – I cannot believe it has been nearly 10 days since I wrote a … Continue reading

…And Then

The Bard can now weave many tales: With loremaster complete, I logged off of Fire with a heavy sense of accomplishment.  For those of you who have, or are contemplating, finishing up loremaster, know that it is definitely a marathon. ***** The easiest zone:  SMV.  No, really.  Usually you will have to go through … Continue reading

Random PSA’s

Alright, here we are in a new year, ready to rip roar our way through our resolutions, be it in game, or out.  One of the most popular is, of course, getting in shape.  I wouldn’t have ever mentioned anything except TJ, one of those bloggers that I always read, and really need to add … Continue reading

The Turkinator

Pro tip for those who are trying, but failing on your Turkinator acheivment (the one where you have to kill 40 turkeys) – Well, first, dont do it in elwynn.  Go to trisfal or redridge.  Find a little secluded spot that you and maybe one other is farming. The real tip, however, is to wait … Continue reading