Wow, Already A Month!??!?! And More Random Thoughts

Holey moley, it seems like time is spinning out of control for me.  It’s already been more than a month since my last post.  ARG! WTB more time, that does not slip through my hands like water! Anyway, its been a good month.  I have gotten into heroics and raids.  Haven’t tried a single attempt … Continue reading

DK Tank – Second Impressions

So now I have gotten a few heroics down my belt (and even an alt naxx run), I must say tanking can be…  Boring.  I mean, I don’t regret going tank.  But most of the time, DPS/Heals have the most fun.  Now I know why my tanks are always complaining they want to do something … Continue reading

Blood Tanking – First Impressions

So fresh on the news that DK’s would be getting a dedicated tanking tree, and that tree happened to be my favorite tree (blood), I decided to make the leap and make my DK a tank.  Which I swore I would never do.  I had run with far too many Fail DK’s to ever want … Continue reading

The Day of the Whiny Post

Klepsacovic declared it national whiny post day today.  And far be it from me to go against the grain. Larisa touched on the loneliness aspect of gameplay today, and Spinks wrote about progression raiding, and the likeness to work. By sheer coincidence I am going to whine about both. I mentioned in a recent post … Continue reading

A Ret Paladin’s Guide To DK DPS (Blood)

I have been spending a lot of time on my DK lately, and since it is the toon most likely to be an alt at 80, (since it starts out at 50 instead of 0), I thought I would post a bit of info on DK DPS.  Because the world is full of fail DK’s, … Continue reading