The Itch…

May just need scratching.   I have been itching to get back to blogging wow.  I have several pages I want to write, some of them ret posts, mostly gold posts.  Will I be back blogging regularly at LF?  Maaaaaaybe.  I dont know.  It is a big time commitment.  But it is not unpossible.  I … Continue reading


A few minutes ago, those of you with feed readers will notice I posted a partial draft of a post.  It is in a terribly unfinished state, so those of you who are awesome enough to subscribe to my blog get a little peek into my writing process 🙂  Sufficed to say, that had wordpress … Continue reading

How Connected Does A Blogger Have To Be?

Blogging, by definition, is a very social venture.  The blogger writes on a topic that they think their audience is not only interested in, but interested in hearing their opinions on the subject matter.  The audience is then, if not expected (it seems to me a selfish venture to expect people to comment on what I … Continue reading

Where in the world has Firespirit been?

I have actually never left. Well, the game that is. You see, near the end of LK, I was suffering from a major case of burnout. I was raiding 10+ hours a week, five days a week. It was almost like a second job. Let me put this in perspective for you. Imagine not being … Continue reading


Testing for reboot… Cata installed….. Passes New computer (that actually can handle a fully populated Dala… Er.. Stormwind)….. Passes Ideas for new posts….. Passes Handle on ret mechanics….. Passes Handle on AH tactics….. Passes Lvl 85 toon….. FAIL Wait, what?!?! Full reboot of Lightsfury coming. Stay tuned!

On Busy Times, Missing The Topic, And The State Of The Blog

The State Of The Blog I have always said that I will post on my own schedule, and not someone’s expectations.  This blog is my area to write and have fun, not a second job. And yet, I still feel the pull.  I havent written a post in two weeks?  Ugh, my poor little neglected … Continue reading

A Little Cleaning, A Little Listening

Alright, alright… I took the time to update my blogroll.  Figuring that there is so much “drama” going around about blogrolls and this and that, let me address it right now, and be done with it.  This is the first, and absolute final time I will ever address this issue. A was very privileged to … Continue reading

A Note On Blogging, And The Blog-O-Sphere

The activation of Operation Gnomeregan (and the corresponding Echo Isles), is the first signal to us, the wonderful fan-base, players, writers, bloggers, that the development team for Cataclysm thinks they are far along enough to start the introductions into the new expansion.  The beta is in high gear, tweaking, testing, churning out theory crafting spreadsheets, … Continue reading

Serious Topic Needs Serious Linkage

Yes, I have been quiet again this week.  It was intentional, actually.  If you are even remotely involved in the Blog-o-sphere, the last week has been full of thoughtful, and not so thoughtful, conversation on a very important topic – feminism – specifically how it effects men as well as women.  Don’t follow me?  Well, … Continue reading

State Of The Blog, And The Dreaded .01% Wipe

Hello Peeps! Long time no see, right? So, yeah.  Busy busy busy, as usual.  Work is crazy.  And something (well, maybe I should say someone 🙂 ) has been drawing my free time and attention.  But I will strike a balance, it just takes time.  But I have not closed shop, and will not close … Continue reading