L2Ret – Lifting The Mists – MoP Ret FAQ for 5.1

As promised, once I got the hang of things and back into the swing of things, I was going to post a new Ret FAQ.  Unless mechanics change, this will likely be the only FAQ I make for Pandaria.  I have kept the same format, and many of the questions are exactly the same as … Continue reading

The Itch…

May just need scratching.   I have been itching to get back to blogging wow.  I have several pages I want to write, some of them ret posts, mostly gold posts.  Will I be back blogging regularly at LF?  Maaaaaaybe.  I dont know.  It is a big time commitment.  But it is not unpossible.  I … Continue reading

The Death Of Diablo, Or Why I Resubbed to WoW (And Other Thoughts)

Well, it has been one hell of a long time since I have written anything here, hasn’t it? I haven’t even been writing on my other blog (which will be changing as soon as I finish up this post). There are many many reasons for that, none of which I will bore you with. I … Continue reading

So Long, Thanks For The Drinks!

I had many things I wanted to say on the last post of my blog.  And suddenly, sitting here at the keyboard, actually writing this post out, none seem appropriate. Perhaps this isnt the end.  Perhaps it is the end for the forseeable future. In any event, I am no longer going to be actively … Continue reading

L2Ret – The Cataclysmically Large Ret FAQ for 4.1

In cataclysm, blizz’s sole goal with ret was to make it a much more complex play style. And by and large, they succeeded. Gone are the times where you can faceroll your way to competitive, chart topping dps. What takes its place is a true rotation, with the flavor of the old rotation, a kind … Continue reading

Wow, Already A Month!??!?! And More Random Thoughts

Holey moley, it seems like time is spinning out of control for me.  It’s already been more than a month since my last post.  ARG! WTB more time, that does not slip through my hands like water! Anyway, its been a good month.  I have gotten into heroics and raids.  Haven’t tried a single attempt … Continue reading

Why Tanking Stats Will Never Matter

Woo hoo! Ghostcrawler is back… Sort of. As we all know blizz had moved to a developer blog method as the primary contact with the developers, in lieu of posting in the forums. Today Ghostcrawler posted in a new type of blog post that promises to give the players a peek into the dev process … Continue reading

Understanding The Concept Of Value

If I were to ask you, “How much is a Bold Inferno Ruby worth?” what would you reply?  I bet that of all my commenters you will find a gold spread of 80-130g.  But it’s not the actual number that I am interested in.  In fact, I am interested in the fact that you responded … Continue reading

Lamenting On The Death Of Uniqueness

This week we have seen a few things crop up on the PTR. We of course have seen the new heroics, ZG and ZA. ZG was my first ever raid, even if not done as a proper raid. As such, it holds a special spot in my gaming memory. But I can’t help but help … Continue reading

How Connected Does A Blogger Have To Be?

Blogging, by definition, is a very social venture.  The blogger writes on a topic that they think their audience is not only interested in, but interested in hearing their opinions on the subject matter.  The audience is then, if not expected (it seems to me a selfish venture to expect people to comment on what I … Continue reading