Wow, Already A Month!??!?! And More Random Thoughts

Holey moley, it seems like time is spinning out of control for me.  It’s already been more than a month since my last post.  ARG! WTB more time, that does not slip through my hands like water! Anyway, its been a good month.  I have gotten into heroics and raids.  Haven’t tried a single attempt … Continue reading


A few minutes ago, those of you with feed readers will notice I posted a partial draft of a post.  It is in a terribly unfinished state, so those of you who are awesome enough to subscribe to my blog get a little peek into my writing process 🙂  Sufficed to say, that had wordpress … Continue reading

On Busy Times, Missing The Topic, And The State Of The Blog

The State Of The Blog I have always said that I will post on my own schedule, and not someone’s expectations.  This blog is my area to write and have fun, not a second job. And yet, I still feel the pull.  I havent written a post in two weeks?  Ugh, my poor little neglected … Continue reading

You Know You Are Working Too Hard When…

Monday Afternoon, 3:00 PM Convo: Firespirit:  “Hey boss, I need you to sign off on my timesheet.  I lost yesterday’s hours. I’ve tore up my office looking for it, and I cannot freaking find it.” Boss:  “You worked yesterday?” F:  “Yes…” B:  “Are you sure you didnt just write your hours on the previous week’s … Continue reading

State Of The Blog, And The Dreaded .01% Wipe

Hello Peeps! Long time no see, right? So, yeah.  Busy busy busy, as usual.  Work is crazy.  And something (well, maybe I should say someone 🙂 ) has been drawing my free time and attention.  But I will strike a balance, it just takes time.  But I have not closed shop, and will not close … Continue reading

Confessions Of A Lazy Speller

Guys, I have a problem. It’s a terrible problem to have. I have to confess. … I.  Am a lazy speller. Yes people.  I spell lazily. Don’t give me that confused look.  You know what I mean. … … Don’t you? Ok, Ok, lets go back to the beginning. I have always been a reader. … Continue reading

A Call For Help About Power Auras

So, yes, I am jumping on the power auras bandwagon.  Or at least I am trying to. I have been using tellmewhen for a while now, and when I saw’s article on power auras, I really want to move to it, instead. HOWEVER… I downloaded it last night and tried to get it to … Continue reading

A Lack Of Communication…

As I mentioned a short time back, my guild has been going through a bit of a spit about raiding.  I wouldn’t call it drama.  I wouldn’t even call it a spit, if I had a better word.  It is more like growing pains. Many of your chimed in with support, and I thank you. … Continue reading

I’m Baaaaack!

Sorry for the radio silence. I had a week-long business trip, and with everything going on, I just wasn’t able to get on to post a message before getting out. In any event, a couple of things to chat about before moving on. First, and foremost, we downed blood princes, finally.  It was a BLAST … Continue reading

AHHH! Real Monsters…..

Ok, I admit.  Thats a silly title.  Normally I try and title my posts something clever, but since today’s topics are scattered and random, I am going to make the title just as scattered and random as the subject material 🙂 – I cannot believe it has been nearly 10 days since I wrote a … Continue reading