Why Tanking Stats Will Never Matter

Woo hoo! Ghostcrawler is back… Sort of. As we all know blizz had moved to a developer blog method as the primary contact with the developers, in lieu of posting in the forums. Today Ghostcrawler posted in a new type of blog post that promises to give the players a peek into the dev process … Continue reading

31 Point Talent Trees, First Impressions

Alright, lots and lots of beta news is streaming in.  31 point talent trees are in place.  I have had a chance to review the paladin ones, but as GC has announced, they are the ones that are the least stable right now.  I will comment on what came out a bit later, but for … Continue reading

Blizzcon Followup – The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided

Here we are in the Monday after Blizzcon.  I don’t think anyone expected the news that came, and Larisa hit the nail on the head perfectly – the buzz is back in the community 🙂  Here are my thoughts on the announcments: The Good:  Diablo 3 News I was acquainted with Blizzard through the Diablo … Continue reading

Onyxia Breathes Deep Once Again!

If you haven’t heard yet, for WoW’s 5th annaversary, Onyxia will be given a bit of a revamp.  She will now be tuned up to 10 and 25 man difficulty, as well as the rewards, like T2 helms (YAYA JUDGEMENT SET!) scaled up to current levels of content. In addition, she will have a small … Continue reading

31 Bosses? Is It Possible?

So there is this big big quote flying around the interwebs about GC esentially confirming that there will be 31 bosses. Take that with a grain of salt. 31 Bosses would be a HUGE number of bosses in one raid instance.  The only way I think they could possibly pull that off would be if … Continue reading

PTR Update – Seal of Vengeance

Alright, so new PTR Build, new QQ. Yes, I am going to QQ here a bit. As many of you know Seal of Blood/Seal of Martyr is going away.  The Self Flagilating is ok for some religous sects, but not for WoW Ret Pally’s.  Thats ok, fine, dandy.  With encounter mechanics going the way they … Continue reading

Why The Hybrid DPS Tax Isn’t Working

For a long time, ret wasn’t really a viable spec.  In vanilla wow, the tree had no cohesiveness – it was the tree where “everything else” was put.  In Burning Crusade, we got a bump, but because of the admitted inequality, and VERY heavy reliance not only on gear, but group comp, it was hard … Continue reading

Paladin Q&A – Huh?!?!

I have been thinking about how I would respond to the Q&A that was posted.  I am still not sure.  I guess what best encapsulates my feeling is “Umm….   Really?  You make us wait this long and…   Really?”  I guess, reading it, there is just not a lot of information in there.  There … Continue reading

Too Much of a Good Thing…..

I saw the new Transformers movie Wednesday night.  I liked it, but it had its flaws. I was reminded of a story that I heard in middle school – it was a modified version of the King Midas story (the one who turned anything into gold when he touched it).  In the version that was … Continue reading