Guest Post: Tamarind On Grendel

So Firespirit invited me to contribute a celebratory blogging anniversary post on the subject of villains and, of course, I leapt at the opportunity because I’m shameless like that. The more I thought about it, the more I realised I wanted to write about something NOT related to WoW. So I apologise in advance for … Continue reading

Guest Post: Bumblesbounc On A Memorable Villain

When Shawn first brought up this topic, my mind went to the usual list of suspects, people like the Joker. After spending a few minutes in thought, however, I decided to go back into Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back Machine to one of my favorite villains of all time, Welhemina W. Witchiepoo. Many of you reading this … Continue reading

Guest Post: Elyndynne On The Grey Area

I am new to blogs….I tend not to read blogs. Who needs to hear other people’s rants, when your rants are more interesting, right?  It was only recently that I have caved, a new influence in my life, and started reading blogs.  So now I am caving and writing a blog entry!  Next thing you … Continue reading