Wow, Already A Month!??!?! And More Random Thoughts

Holey moley, it seems like time is spinning out of control for me.  It’s already been more than a month since my last post.  ARG! WTB more time, that does not slip through my hands like water! Anyway, its been a good month.  I have gotten into heroics and raids.  Haven’t tried a single attempt … Continue reading

A Note On H HoR

Ever since I made the little comment about H HoR on my Holy Priest, the search terms have been pouring in. Everything from “How to dps H HoR” to “Why does the tank drop group in HoR?” (which I can sympathize) Ok, so first off, the tank situation.  As a point of fact, especially new … Continue reading

DK Tank – Second Impressions

So now I have gotten a few heroics down my belt (and even an alt naxx run), I must say tanking can be…  Boring.  I mean, I don’t regret going tank.  But most of the time, DPS/Heals have the most fun.  Now I know why my tanks are always complaining they want to do something … Continue reading

The Day of the Whiny Post

Klepsacovic declared it national whiny post day today.  And far be it from me to go against the grain. Larisa touched on the loneliness aspect of gameplay today, and Spinks wrote about progression raiding, and the likeness to work. By sheer coincidence I am going to whine about both. I mentioned in a recent post … Continue reading

Gear Isn’t Heroic – Dealing With Gear Resets Better

Yes, I know. It sounds pretty leetist right there, doesn’t it? But hear me out. I previously wrote about how I disliked how heroics are currently implemented. As it is right now, heroics are FAR too easy, they pose no challenge. They also dump extremely experienced (noticed I didn’t use talented there 🙂 ) people … Continue reading

Heroics are not so… Heroic… Anymore

You have all experienced it by now, I am sure.  That group you get into for the Random Heroic one day that just dosen’t click.  Pulls are off, healing is not there, tanking is all over the place, and everything is taking FOR.EV.AR. to kill because you either have DPS that aren’t pulling their fair … Continue reading

Dungeon Finder, and New Heroic 5 Mans

Ohh boy, Ohh boy. So, The new dungeon finder…  Yeah, its kinda…   Hell…   As a healer.  I think the whole thing is suffering from a severe case of “I’ll never see these people again” itis.   I’m not kidding. Yesterday it got so bad, that I made a healer macro, Per Tam’s suggestion. … Continue reading

Training The Common Player

WoW players are lazy. … … There, I said it.  I said what everyone knows, and only trolls say – WoW players, as a general rule, are lazy.  But, its not their fault. Wait, what? Yes, I am telling you that those annoying ass people who stand in the fire, move into whirlwinds, don’t know … Continue reading

Of Bad Pugs and Internet Bugs…

Everyone has one.  Just one of those nights.  Last night was mine. I logged into the game, and I was actually having good internet for a change (keep in mind I am on cell internet, and it just plain sucks).  So I pug up a H ToC run, which is the daily. There is something … Continue reading

Blizzcon Followup – The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided

Here we are in the Monday after Blizzcon.  I don’t think anyone expected the news that came, and Larisa hit the nail on the head perfectly – the buzz is back in the community 🙂  Here are my thoughts on the announcments: The Good:  Diablo 3 News I was acquainted with Blizzard through the Diablo … Continue reading