Sindragosa’s Fall, And 4.0 Class Impressions

As of late, I have been busy outside of all things WoW, reading Blink!, by Malcolm Gladwell.  Why do I bring this up?  Well a few reasons.  First of all, it is a REALLY good book.  It is about the power of snap judgements, and how you can learn to trust them, or distrust them. … Continue reading

Recycled Post Day – Why The Hybrid DPS Tax Isn’t Working

Zelmaru gave me a completely good excuse to skive off writing a totally new post today.  Today being Earth Day, and all, Zelmaru decided that it was a good idea to recycle blog posts.  And so I am. The particular one I am recycling is not because I think that it hasnt gotten traffic.  It … Continue reading

Paladin Changes: First Impressions

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm we’ll be making several changes to class talents and abilities across the board. While this list only outlines some of our plans for the paladin class, we want to give you a look at the new high-level abilities and an overview of how the new Mastery system will work with … Continue reading

Patch 3.3 and Paladin T10 Comments

Icecrown is coming up fast, and while I don’t expect it to drop anytime soon (probably after a few weeks of encounter testing), we paladins have only a bit to work with.  So lets take a look at what we know, and go from there: First off, Ret Libram: Your Crusader Strike grants 44 strength … Continue reading

Training The Common Player

WoW players are lazy. … … There, I said it.  I said what everyone knows, and only trolls say – WoW players, as a general rule, are lazy.  But, its not their fault. Wait, what? Yes, I am telling you that those annoying ass people who stand in the fire, move into whirlwinds, don’t know … Continue reading

Re-Imagining the Professions: How do we gather?

Gathering professions are simply the most boring professions in game – fishing included.  Its a hide and seek type of game, where you have to run aorund and figure out where the herbs/ore/fish are, then right-click, and you are done.  How boring is that?   But even more than that – you cant pick a … Continue reading

Cracking The Iceburg

*Warning – this is a little bit long winded, and just a tad bit of a stream of thoughts.  If you find something completely out of place, please let me know in comments* Larisa, at PPI, wrote yesterday about the “B-Team” that many people think is currently controlling the fate of WoW.  At the heart … Continue reading

31 Bosses? Is It Possible?

So there is this big big quote flying around the interwebs about GC esentially confirming that there will be 31 bosses. Take that with a grain of salt. 31 Bosses would be a HUGE number of bosses in one raid instance.  The only way I think they could possibly pull that off would be if … Continue reading

Re-Inventing Professions – First Aid

First Aid is a basic instinct in most living things.  If something hurts, stay off of it.  If it is bleeding, stop the bleeding.  Have an open wound?  Clean it, wrap it, protect it.  There are many ways to do this, splints, salves, bandages, but how do you translate this in game?  A splint would … Continue reading

Why The Hybrid DPS Tax Isn’t Working

For a long time, ret wasn’t really a viable spec.  In vanilla wow, the tree had no cohesiveness – it was the tree where “everything else” was put.  In Burning Crusade, we got a bump, but because of the admitted inequality, and VERY heavy reliance not only on gear, but group comp, it was hard … Continue reading