L2Ret – 4.0 And You! – The New Paladin Goodness

Welcome Pallies!  4.0 is upon us and we are going to get a major overhaul (again!).  But fear not!  I am here to help guide you back to the top of the DPS meters.  Below is a knock-down drag-out down and dirty guide to what is changing, and how it’s going to effect us.  So … Continue reading

The Journey To Gold Cap: Sell NOW

As most of you know by now, from wow.com, Operation Gnomeregan has started.  This means that the dev team thinks that they are far enough along that they can start the Cataclysm pre-launch events. What does this do for your economy?  Well, for a short while, just like the zombie invasion, I am sure key … Continue reading

Pally Role Play…

I am not a big roleplayer.  Well, I should say, I am not a big role player in WoW.  However, my gaming roots do hearken back to the original D&D 2nd edition ruleset.  So, it does run deep.  I do have ideas about how I could role play in WoW, and how that might take … Continue reading

Depth Cometh – In The Form Of Holy Power

So, the twitter dev chat, while in the past always light, airy, a short look into the thoughts and minds of those whom we put our trust in to balance the game, just became a big deal. While insight is always appreciated, paladins got some love. In short – they dropped the nuke on our … Continue reading

31 Point Talent Trees, First Impressions

Alright, lots and lots of beta news is streaming in.  31 point talent trees are in place.  I have had a chance to review the paladin ones, but as GC has announced, they are the ones that are the least stable right now.  I will comment on what came out a bit later, but for … Continue reading

Reactions To Professions Changes

So professions changes came out yesterday.  Lets have a bit of reaction to them: While the Cataclysm updates to many of the professions are still deep in development, we wanted to share some of the work that’s been going on, as well as a high-level look at any lessons learned or changes to their underlying … Continue reading

Don’t Miss This Pic!

So, there is a LOT of information flooding out about cataclysm right now.  TONS AND TONS of pics up at MMO-Champion.  And I just wanted to call attention to this one. Is anyone else as excited as I am to see this picture? You know that is very reminiscent of the sithilid hives, and it … Continue reading

Thoughts On Cataclysm’s Healing Model

So, I have been a bit of an alt addict lately.  In addition to Fire, I now have 2 other 80’s. The first, as you all know, is the DK Tank. But the second is a Priest. WAAAAY back in the time of BC (and keep in mind I dinged 70 not too far before … Continue reading

Cataclysm Raid & Emblem Changes, WOOT!

Alright so, good news is that Cataclysm releases have spun up into high gear over the last few days. Lets examine them a little bit. First off, let’s take a look at the Emblem changes.  Down and dirty: emblems changed to “points” 4 types of emblems – 2 for pve, 2 for pvp each emblem … Continue reading

Paladin Changes: First Impressions

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm we’ll be making several changes to class talents and abilities across the board. While this list only outlines some of our plans for the paladin class, we want to give you a look at the new high-level abilities and an overview of how the new Mastery system will work with … Continue reading