Let Your Characters Guide You

I suppose to write the post I really want to write I have to give just a bit of back story.  Some of this back story is found in other posts.  Some of it has been said more than once before, but in different context.  This is wholly off topic of WoW. During my freshman … Continue reading

Where in the world has Firespirit been?

I have actually never left. Well, the game that is. You see, near the end of LK, I was suffering from a major case of burnout. I was raiding 10+ hours a week, five days a week. It was almost like a second job. Let me put this in perspective for you. Imagine not being … Continue reading

Just Do It!

Today is election day for those of us here in the US.  For everyone here in the US, please take the time to stop by your local poll and cast a vote. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Remember, there are service men and women who … Continue reading

You Know You Are Working Too Hard When…

Monday Afternoon, 3:00 PM Convo: Firespirit:  “Hey boss, I need you to sign off on my timesheet.  I lost yesterday’s hours. I’ve tore up my office looking for it, and I cannot freaking find it.” Boss:  “You worked yesterday?” F:  “Yes…” B:  “Are you sure you didnt just write your hours on the previous week’s … Continue reading

Serious Topic Needs Serious Linkage

Yes, I have been quiet again this week.  It was intentional, actually.  If you are even remotely involved in the Blog-o-sphere, the last week has been full of thoughtful, and not so thoughtful, conversation on a very important topic – feminism – specifically how it effects men as well as women.  Don’t follow me?  Well, … Continue reading

Dragon Tattoos Make Good Movies

If you are a fan, at all, of foreign movies….  Well, heck, even if you aren’t a fan of foreign movies, I highly suggest you take the time and effort to watch “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”  Its a Swedish import, and thus, subtitled.  But if you can stick to it (the subtitles actually … Continue reading

A Peek Into The Zodiac – Why I Am Taking A Break

I have a bit of a personal tidbit to share with you today.  Nothing big, but still personal none the less: My birthday lands within the confines of Libra in the Zodiac. I am sure that you all know about the Zodiac.  You probably have read horoscopes now and then, if just in fun.  And … Continue reading

Has My Card Been Revoked?

So, cataclysm NDA has been lifted, and the beta is out and information storming in at a furious pace.   For now, I am going to let other blogs report on this.  The information is going to change, and such, and we don’t really have a good idea of where paladins are heading.  In fact, the … Continue reading

The Paranormal Phenomenon Returns

I wrote about Paranormal Activity about this time last year, and I noticed today that the trailer for the second film popped up on youtube.  Below is a link. I loved Paranormal Activity.  It scared the crap out of me, almost literally.  It is out on DVD now, but as any true horror fan will … Continue reading

A Note On Free Writing

As we are all keenly aware, WoW is in the summer slump.  It has even hit our guild.  People are taking time off, raiding has slowed, recruiting has even been weak, to say the least. But that gives us great opportunities to pursue other avenues of leisure time, which is not necessarily a bad thing. … Continue reading