Understanding The Concept Of Value

If I were to ask you, “How much is a Bold Inferno Ruby worth?” what would you reply?  I bet that of all my commenters you will find a gold spread of 80-130g.  But it’s not the actual number that I am interested in.  In fact, I am interested in the fact that you responded … Continue reading

Lamenting On The Death Of Uniqueness

This week we have seen a few things crop up on the PTR. We of course have seen the new heroics, ZG and ZA. ZG was my first ever raid, even if not done as a proper raid. As such, it holds a special spot in my gaming memory. But I can’t help but help … Continue reading

Reactions To Professions Changes

So professions changes came out yesterday.  Lets have a bit of reaction to them: While the Cataclysm updates to many of the professions are still deep in development, we wanted to share some of the work that’s been going on, as well as a high-level look at any lessons learned or changes to their underlying … Continue reading

Re-Imagining the Professions: How do we gather?

Gathering professions are simply the most boring professions in game – fishing included.  Its a hide and seek type of game, where you have to run aorund and figure out where the herbs/ore/fish are, then right-click, and you are done.  How boring is that?   But even more than that – you cant pick a … Continue reading

Blizzcon Followup – The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided

Here we are in the Monday after Blizzcon.  I don’t think anyone expected the news that came, and Larisa hit the nail on the head perfectly – the buzz is back in the community 🙂  Here are my thoughts on the announcments: The Good:  Diablo 3 News I was acquainted with Blizzard through the Diablo … Continue reading

Re-Inventing Professions – First Aid

First Aid is a basic instinct in most living things.  If something hurts, stay off of it.  If it is bleeding, stop the bleeding.  Have an open wound?  Clean it, wrap it, protect it.  There are many ways to do this, splints, salves, bandages, but how do you translate this in game?  A splint would … Continue reading

Anyone Know?

I’m working on my JC post for tomorrow.  It contains a bit of screenshots that I have yet to take, so it will be up tomorrow, but probably late.  It will also probably be in its own tab at the top. Just curious for anyone on the PTR – I have a couple of questions, … Continue reading

Re-Inventing Professions of WoW – Cooking

Spinks, just a little while back, wrote a good article on how crafting effects mmo gameplay and how it might be re-thought.  There are two important points in the article that I would just like to quickly point out.  First, that crafting in mmo’s mostly don’t allow for great customization.  Second, its not rare enough. … Continue reading