Obligatory Paladin PvP Post, Pre-3.3

Okie Dokie.  So, most of the changes on the PTR for 3.3 have been squarely aimed at PvP.  So I thought that I would take the time out and address what is going on in PvP from a Ret side of things. Currently, Ret has been relegated to a purely support role.  What I mean … Continue reading

Blizzcon Followup – The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided

Here we are in the Monday after Blizzcon.  I don’t think anyone expected the news that came, and Larisa hit the nail on the head perfectly – the buzz is back in the community 🙂  Here are my thoughts on the announcments: The Good:  Diablo 3 News I was acquainted with Blizzard through the Diablo … Continue reading