Is Your Tanking Team A Partnership?

I’ve mentioned before that my sister is one of our main tanks in the guild.  She wasn’t always a tank, rather her main toon is a hunter that she desperately misses.  But, simply put, her tanking skills are second to none.  She tanks most often in our raids with another of our main tanks, Mawl. … Continue reading

A Lack Of Communication…

As I mentioned a short time back, my guild has been going through a bit of a spit about raiding.  I wouldn’t call it drama.  I wouldn’t even call it a spit, if I had a better word.  It is more like growing pains. Many of your chimed in with support, and I thank you. … Continue reading

Building A Better Raid – Decisions

Internets, last weekend was a not so good time for me. Unfortunately, there is a specific subset of guildies that have been feeling upset for a while. And apparently, last weekend was when they had felt they wanted to voice it once and for all. Which is fine. The part I a so upset over … Continue reading

AHHH! Real Monsters…..

Ok, I admit.  Thats a silly title.  Normally I try and title my posts something clever, but since today’s topics are scattered and random, I am going to make the title just as scattered and random as the subject material 🙂 – I cannot believe it has been nearly 10 days since I wrote a … Continue reading

What Is A Raid Lead?

As many of you know, from my previous posts, I have fallen into the Raid Leader role of my guild. I am also a classic type A personality – I cannot stand to fail at anything.  I may not be perfect, but I am gosh darned not going to let my team down. So I … Continue reading

My Win Is Not Your Loss

I have been trying to be a bit more religious with my diet and excersise plan.  I haven’t seriously been working out for about 6 months or more, and I feel it.  So it is back to the grind. In any event, in trying to stay motivated I have been listening to pod casts by … Continue reading

Loot – Ohh The Loot!

Rohan from Blessing of Kings and Ky from Casual Hardcore both touched upon loot yesterday, and I think I want to chime in. My guild leader had some nervousness when the ability to trade BoP items was implemented.  Now, make no mistake, I think this was a much needed thing.  I am sure that GM’s … Continue reading

Know Your Resources

I was supposed to get this up yesterday, but…  well, Work Crit me for eleventy billion, and I was tired as heck.  That, and WordPress dosen’t like my fail internet. Anyway…. I mentioned last post that I was going to be rebuilding my raid group. If you are a new raid leader, or just starting … Continue reading