Let Your Characters Guide You

I suppose to write the post I really want to write I have to give just a bit of back story.  Some of this back story is found in other posts.  Some of it has been said more than once before, but in different context.  This is wholly off topic of WoW. During my freshman … Continue reading

Thursday Randomness: Doldrums, and Economic Confirmation

So the raiding doldrums have hit our guild.  We are currently running 2 10 man runs, Group 1 being more progressed.  Group 1 is stuck at Sindragosa.  It’s extremely frustrating.  Aiding that frustration is that we can only seem to get everyone together one day out of the week.  The second day we have to … Continue reading

Monday Mornings Are Slow…

-We got some great work in on Blood Queen this weekend.  She is close to biting the dirt.  It comes down to that second fear phase, when everyone is about to cycle through to the third, and final, bite phase.  PRO TIP:  Wait for as LONG as possible before biting your person, throughout your bite … Continue reading

Search Engine Terms Are Funny

I am going to go the way of Amber, and post some of my search engine results for my blog.   Just because I get amusement.  And apparently there are a few questions that need answering. The silly: Ghostcrawler Very Small Pony I just have to LOL at this one.  I wonder if GC is … Continue reading