How Connected Does A Blogger Have To Be?

Blogging, by definition, is a very social venture.  The blogger writes on a topic that they think their audience is not only interested in, but interested in hearing their opinions on the subject matter.  The audience is then, if not expected (it seems to me a selfish venture to expect people to comment on what I … Continue reading

Don’t Miss The Forest Through The Trees

Anthropologically speaking, humans are an insane species.  We fight wars over silly inconsequential things.  We treat each other with such disdain, systematically unwinding ties that bind us together as a species just trying to get through in the wide world.  We segregate ourselves for temporary benefits of material gain, we push away the embrace of … Continue reading

A Note On Blogging, And The Blog-O-Sphere

The activation of Operation Gnomeregan (and the corresponding Echo Isles), is the first signal to us, the wonderful fan-base, players, writers, bloggers, that the development team for Cataclysm thinks they are far along enough to start the introductions into the new expansion.  The beta is in high gear, tweaking, testing, churning out theory crafting spreadsheets, … Continue reading

How About Person to Person Interaction?

Mr. Bear Butt brought up a topic the other day, about player interactions.  Specifically who is responsible for moderating them?  Blizzard?  Other Players?  I don’t think there is a right answer that satisfies all facets of the issue, but hop on over and give it a read.  It is incredibly thoughtful and insightful, as is … Continue reading

Real ID – Really?

I had told myself that I really was not going to weigh in on Real ID.  To each his own.  Some vehemently oppose it, some use it without abandon.  But the forums, they are a changin’.  They will soon be integrated into the Real ID program, and your full name will be displayed.  Let’s take … Continue reading

Recycled Post Day – Why The Hybrid DPS Tax Isn’t Working

Zelmaru gave me a completely good excuse to skive off writing a totally new post today.  Today being Earth Day, and all, Zelmaru decided that it was a good idea to recycle blog posts.  And so I am. The particular one I am recycling is not because I think that it hasnt gotten traffic.  It … Continue reading

Shy At Life

No, this is not a clever play at words for Shy at Wow (though I do love the blog). No, this is a bit of a confession. I mentioned earlier that I had gone off to a business trip.  Internets, let me tell you, it was one of the most exhausting trips of my life, … Continue reading


Bumblesbounc is about the most interesting person that I know.  She is an ordained minister, she has a garden as big as my entire backyard, she is a carpenter (of sorts) and is making a checkerboard on to one of her tables.  She often comes back with interesting tales about what she ate or canned fresh … Continue reading


Hi! My name is Shawn.  I am a fun loving guy, always looking for something new and exciting to do.  I love riding rollercoasters (the taller and faster, the better).  I love trying new foods and experiences.  I’m rarely ever the sad face in a crowd, always trying to be chipper and raise everyone’s mood. … Continue reading

Watching The Stars

One of the first things you learn in Astronomy is that you are not looking at stars. Nope, when you look at the sky and see the infinite number of stars up there, you are actually seeing the light from them that was emitted millions of years before.  This makes them a kind of time … Continue reading