Don’t Miss This Pic!

So, there is a LOT of information flooding out about cataclysm right now.  TONS AND TONS of pics up at MMO-Champion.  And I just wanted to call attention to this one. Is anyone else as excited as I am to see this picture? You know that is very reminiscent of the sithilid hives, and it … Continue reading

Why Can’t We Get A Set Like….

This? This is a perfect embodyment of what I think all of T10 should have looked like – Class Evoking, yet slightly sinister.  It looks like the shaman has picked up the skill of one of the lichiepoo’s minions and bent it to his own will.  And the shoulders… Epic.

T10 Curveball

This just from blizz’s official site.  Apparently the datamined pics from MMO-Champion are incorrect.  Above you will find the actual pally T10 armor.  Not that it is much better. Well, I shouldnt say that.  It definately invokes a paladin better.  Its got pseudo wings attached to the front straps of the shoulders.  And they are … Continue reading

Patch 3.3 and Paladin T10 Comments

Icecrown is coming up fast, and while I don’t expect it to drop anytime soon (probably after a few weeks of encounter testing), we paladins have only a bit to work with.  So lets take a look at what we know, and go from there: First off, Ret Libram: Your Crusader Strike grants 44 strength … Continue reading

My Five Favorite 5 Man Instances

Aspect of the Hare did a nice little trip through memory lane recently – she went through her favorite zones of the game and why she liked them. Of all the zones in the game, I loved Duskwood the most – it showed the dark and dreary side of azeroth better than most zones. But … Continue reading

First Impressions

First impressions are key to defining the relationship you are going to have.  Be it an interviewer, a date, a potential sale, a sales person, when you first set eyes on them, you get a flavor of what that person is all about.  Is the interviewee charming and debonair, or is he a crack addicted … Continue reading

A Brief Rant on Pally Tier Art

Warning:  Stream of consciousness and rant to follow: MMO-Champion just released this artwork datamined from the PTR. Let me start by saying, save for the Judgement set (which is widely considered to be the best set artwork in the game), paladin tier sets have just blown.  The latest tier (8) on live makes paladins look … Continue reading