The Death Of Diablo, Or Why I Resubbed to WoW (And Other Thoughts)

Well, it has been one hell of a long time since I have written anything here, hasn’t it? I haven’t even been writing on my other blog (which will be changing as soon as I finish up this post). There are many many reasons for that, none of which I will bore you with. I … Continue reading

Understanding The Concept Of Value

If I were to ask you, “How much is a Bold Inferno Ruby worth?” what would you reply?  I bet that of all my commenters you will find a gold spread of 80-130g.  But it’s not the actual number that I am interested in.  In fact, I am interested in the fact that you responded … Continue reading

The Origin Of Currency

If we truly want to understand an economy, and manipulate it (if you can even truly do that) to our gain we need to start at the bottom.  No, I’m not talking tips and tricks.  Tips and tricks are great.  They can get you in and making some quick and easy cash.  But sometimes, a … Continue reading

The Journey To Gold Cap: Sell NOW

As most of you know by now, from, Operation Gnomeregan has started.  This means that the dev team thinks that they are far enough along that they can start the Cataclysm pre-launch events. What does this do for your economy?  Well, for a short while, just like the zombie invasion, I am sure key … Continue reading

The Journey To Gold Cap – Beware Of Hidden Losses

I’ve decided to rename the whole AH/JC experiment.  It has grown way beyond just JC, so it is more appropriate to name it something else… Anyway, any serious auctioneer has at least one toon that they make thier “Bank Toon”.  This toon is primarily used for a guild bank access, and sometimes (like me) just … Continue reading