Code of Conduct

Bloggers are a strange sort.  I think Ixobelle said it the best – We are internet superstars only in our own mind.  We all blog for different reasons, but we all believe that, somewhere, way in the darkest corners of Azeroth, someone is reading this.  And that someone is, hopefully, going to look at us (as a whole, you know, the blog-o-sphere) for advice/guidance.

For that reason, Light’s Fury (at least while I own the blog) *will not* shy away from writing about guild drama. That being said, I think I do have enough tact to know when/when not to write about a specific instance.  I will continue to use my best judgement to identify situations that are too personal/too derogatory/too negative to write about.  In all cases, I will NOT name names.  I think naming and shaming is a power that bloggers continue to take for granted.  As such, unless the person consents, a “filler” name will be placed.

I will continue to be open, and honest, about my blogging.  I am fortunate to have a GM that reads, and several guildies.  If at any time they feel that my writing has crossed the line, they are free to contact me immediately, and I will be happy to pull said article off the blog pending further review.  If said review determines that the article is fine, it will be re-published.  If the article needs to be tweaked, I will do my best to tweak it to all parties satisfaction.  However, in all instances, ultimately this is my blog, and I will publish if I want to (sorry, couldn’t help myself).  I daresay that my GM would agree, and I don’t ever expect to post something so controversial.

No half truths, or downright lies, will ever be posted intentionally.  I will be glad to edit any entry on my blog if there is such a falsity.  Simply contact me either through comments, or the “about me” page.

I will not ever, intentionally (though I think that is a feeble excuse for those who do it) plagiarize.  I value my work, and I am sure that other people do as well.  If you have come across an article/part of an article you feel I have plagiarized, and you are the owner of said material that was copied, please send me an e-mail via the “About Me” page immediately.  I will be happy to look at the source.  If it is indeed plagiarism I will be happy to remove it/re write it.

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