L2 Ret

Welcome fellow readers, to L2 Ret.

L2 Ret is my multi part guide on how to play a retribution paladin. I will be covering raid bosses, equipment, postioning, and everything in between.  Everything will be marked with the patch number that it was posted on, so you will easily be able to see if any one article has changed.

If you are a long time Ret Paladin, please come and read on. It might just give you a view in how another person plays, or an idea or two on how to tweak your spec.

If you are not a paladin at all, I still invite you to come in and read. I hope this will give you a little insight into your raids retribution paladin, and what s/he has to do to be a rockstar player.

Don’t worry if you do not check here often, each part will be published on the main page first, then added here as a link.

General Paladining

Situational Awareness

The Cold Hard Truth About Diminishing Returns

Core Mechanics


Wrath Archive

Judgements BIOTCH! *Updated as of 3.2

The FCFS Rotation *Updated as of 3.2

The Stats Superpost *Updated as of 3.3.3


2 Responses to “L2 Ret”
  1. heya Light,
    Was wondering if you know of a Ret Pally mod that tracks the Holy Power, which I can move under my toon. It is distracting to move my eyes up to the character area during battle to check how many points I have.

    I use RuneWatch this way on my DK, and really enjoy the speed-up.


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