The Journey To Gold Cap

WoW is a pretty unique game, in the fact that there are several mini games inside of it.  Of course, the obvious is the standard PvE questing and raiding.  Then there is PvP.  There are collectors of all sorts out there (Boy, pet rocks are all the rage these days!).  Then there is the auction house.

The auction house has become a bit of a hobby for me.  Often times, I play more on the AH, devising strategies, and ripping gold out of the hands of my competitors than I do actual questing.  Sad, right?  Yeah, maybe just a bit.  But my obsession has led me to places in game that I would maybe not have ever been able to go, had I not had the cash on hand.

Every tier of raiding I end up spending a significant amount of gold (read about 30k) just getting the shiniest and best crafted gear.  I have mounts galore.  And, I have fun doing it.

The journey to WoW’s gold cap is a very long and arduous one.  Many will not reach it (it is now upwards of 1 million gold).  And it is impractical to even do so.  But you can have fun playing the auction house game and not ever intend to hit the gold cap.

If you are new to the AH, if you are a veteran looking for a different perspective, come visit every now and then.  I will be building concepts from the ground up.  Real world economic principles can benefit you in game.  I am here to tell you how.

The Origin Of Currency

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